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How To Buy Airtime For Any Network In Kenya

During these harsh times of curfew and social distancing, one can get stranded due to lack of airtime for their favorite network. A strategy and innovation tech firm Kibo Capital Group Limited through its Tsenda innovation says it has a solution in the digital economy that discourages physical contacts and social gatherings as the fight against the […]

FINTECH: e-Receipting startup sees uptick in sign-ups

Kenyan Financial Technology startup Kibo Capital Group Limited has seen a sharp rise in the firms signing up for the environment-friendly digital payments. Kibo’s Director of innovation Evans Okech told Metropol TV that the company has added more firms into its fold since march 2020 when the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) directed firms offering […]

The rise of digital economy in COVID-19 era

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, commonly referred to as Covid-19, in Wuhan, China in December, the world has focused on little else.  The pandemic has thrust the digital economy to the fore as the global population observes social distancing to curb the spread of the virus, which has greatly impacted conventional ways of doing business. […]

Tech firm fights for slice of local payments market

Technology company Kibo Capital Group has rolled out an electronic receipting application for both mobile money payments and banking deposits via a paybill option. The Payment Gate app can also be used for online banking and is universally verifiable. It is tailor-made to fit into a client’s records management specification, thus saving stationery and cash, including […]