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Meet jasper

About Jasper Ochieng

Spending my early years on earth at a Camp in Lodwar – I had access to some of the things that became invaluable later in life. Slightly over 3 years after birth, my parents moved from Marich Pass in West Pokot to Nawoitorong village in Lodwar, within the vast Turkana County.


My Journey

Life lessons taught me to never give up

As a Child, growing up – I had a chance at a foundation that set me up for any eventuality in Life.

2 years after leaving the bank at senior level, Jasper hit a low. A mix of loses marred with failure in health may have marked the end of a man who had tried tens of businesses by the time he was out of college. It is said that when it rains it pours! This was that time. Interestingly even at this time I had battles to fight, not just about health but this was as well the time I was battling one of Africa’s legal giants in court over my Trade Mark – Kibo Capital Group…..

Our vision

10+ years in banking, finance, Credit Management, Business Development, Sales, Relationship management, Personal Financial Management, business continuity planning management, research – development and people management.


Years of experience